Thursday, January 28, 2010

NFL to New Orleans Child: "Cease & Desist!"

God, I wish Ashley were here. He'd know exactly what to say. I'm still bewildered by this morning's turn of events:

1. 7-year-old daughter (the Who Dat formerly known as Super Saint Girl) wakes up this morning just after 7 a.m.

"Chef, I had a nightmare."
"I'm sorry, baby. You okay?"
"Yeah, because I told all the robbers I would give them copies of my Sean Payton autograph."
"Sean Payton. In my dream. He was driving a red car down our street with Drew Brees. I ran out and yelled, 'Stop!' And then I got his autograph on a white paper. Drew Brees too. But then a bunch of robbers chased me inside the house. I locked the door quick. And I told them to go away, but they all wanted my Sean Payton autograph. So I told them I had a scanner and I would scan the autograph and make them all copies. Then I did. And they all left."

2. A few minutes after 8 a.m., the phone rings. It's a legal representative of the National Football League. They inform me that my daughter has been issued a cease and desist for unlicensed use of a trademarked dream.

Bastards. We are who we think we are. Sinn Fein.


judyb54 said...

amen! NFL are bullies.

saintseester said...

I can't wait for the NFL to issue cease and desist orders to the French for their use of the Fleur-de-lis (gold ones, no less) in their royal attire, artwork, jewelry and letter heads.

What's truly outstanding in this case is that the NFL does not even own the rights to Who Dat.

I'm off to register trademarks for: "Hi" "Howareya" and "Where y'at?"

Chef Who Dat said...

Already owned: the numbers 6, 4, 1 in any combination of black or gold, the word Cafe (but not Cafe 641), the word "roofbanger" (surprising it was still available), and any object that resembles a fake mustache that color matches my natural hair color. Step off!

Maitri said...

I'm about to register a trademark for "Go Pack go" before the NFL gets its grubby paws on it.

saintseester said...

Check out my new blog banner. Bring it.

saintseester said...

Did you see this article? Your big 'stached mug is in the photo rotation near the bottom.

Chef Who Dat said...

which article?

dillyberto said...

All Mustaches are trademarked by Chef WHODAT.

All men and women growing mustaches must cease and desist lest they face a golden spooning.

dillyberto said...

front page BABY

front page!

Michelle said...

Going get my sharpie.