Sunday, April 12, 2009

Off-season workout with . . . Lee de Fleur Part II

Seems that even the T-P loves the Upper Terrace. Not only does Section 635 get face time in the daily twice this week, he also gets his Who Dat voice heard, and then extra love on the web.

Here's what the paper sez:

"It is not known if Sean Payton beat the giant fleur de lis as the costumed runner approaches the finish line in City Park during the 31st annual Crescent City Classic on Saturday, April 11, 2009."

"A huge fleur de lis crosses the finish line at the 31st annual Crescent City Classic 10K race which drew an expected 20,000 runners and walkers to the premier New Orleans running event Saturday, April 11, 2009."

"Christopher Wiseman of New Orleans, a Saints season-ticket holder, said Saturday he'd like to take on Coach Sean Payton in next year's race. 'I think it's wonderful that he's supporting the city by running,' Wiseman said. 'He's become a real local.' It was Wiseman's second year wearing the fleur-de-lis costume, which he debuted in the first race after Hurricane Katrina. "
***UPDATE: Berto has also been face-timed. But by WWL. Must be a by-product of his off-season facial hair.

Only one thing makes a Chef happier.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Off-season workout with . . . Lee De Fleur

It's upon us, Who Dats. The irrepressible Lee De Fleur has hit the front pages of the T-P once again, reminding us all that Upper Terrace Who Dats can run 6.2 miles with 6 feet of foam flapping in the wind, cigar in mouth, high on the inhalants of 17 cans of metallic gold spray paint.

The Cafe would like to think that Reggie Bush is in town for off-season conditioning, but more likely he's here to make Kim jealous.

Chef will find his way to his annual spot at the front of the Abita lines for the post-Crescent City Classic party on Saturday. Let's see . . . Tad Gormley gates open at 9 a.m., Kenyans arrive soon after, and Chef has double fists of Amber no later than 9:05 a.m. Off-season conditioning indeed!