Friday, July 30, 2010

Our Time

Such a night
(Photo: Black & Gold Teletubby)

I already posted this picture once but as training camp smolders, 19-0 gauntlets are thrown down, and pants are crapped, it's time to remember whose time it is:
And true to their hometown roots, the Saints celebrated their title with the longest after-party in NFL history. -- Jeff Duncan
I didn't know the party was over:

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Real Deal

Party with a Purpose
(Photo: Ms. Shootz to Kill)

The Real Deal can be seen and heard on the parking garage roof, visiting tailgates to spread the good word of the New Orleans Saints as "the Real Deal." The 2009 signs included:
"There is a reason for this season! You're not wearing that Black & Gold for nothing." and "Ultimate goal: Homefield advantage to the Super Bowl!"
Here, he's throwing down with the Free Agents Brass Band before the Real Housewives of Atlanta game.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Shoes to Fill

Ain't Dere No More
(Photo: Black & Gold Teletubby)

In Jerry World, they're wondering whether Dezi Arnaz is going to be the next Marcus Colston or just the next T.O.

Here in the Sacredome, we're just trying to make sure that Bobby Hebert understands the shoes he'll be called on to fill this season in his new seats. We're certain that the old Cafe 641 smoker's lounge and chef's table will now be occupied by the WWL press box seats. We call on Bobby to break in his new Upper Terrace press seat by unleashing a Dirty Dog when the Super Bowl XLIV banner drops on September 9.

For instructions, see Gris Gris Man, who is shown below demonstrating a high-flying, roof-banging dog.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

I Once Was Lost ...

... but now I'm found.
(Photo: Ms. Shootz to Kill)

This Super Bowl winning mustache slipped off the Chef's upper lip sometime after the Monday night plucking and dressing of the Dirty Birds, landing delicately on the steps of the upper Cafe. Seen in the upper right is the head of a Real Housewife of Atlanta and the seductive calf of the Black & Gold Teletubby who spotted the lost 'stache while scanning the ground for half-empty vodka tonics.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Roofbanger's Paradise

Handsome Willy's style
(photo: Ms. Shootz to Kill)

The Black & Gold Teletubby auditions a potential roofbanger on the dance floor at Handsome Willy's after the Tampa Bay game. Willy's became the final resting place for the golden spatula, can opener, can o' whoop ass, and Smell of Greatness. They were donated to the bar after the Cardinals playoff game.

Charitable donations

Cafe 641 family

Friday, July 23, 2010

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Cafe Picture Project

In this, our year of exile from Cafe 641, we invite patrons, fellow roofbangers, visitors, and friends to submit images that document our glorious 2009 season. Call it a Lombardi Lap. I'll try to post a picture every day until we reload for the 2010 season.

Here we go ...
She finished as strong as she started
August 22, 2009

In this rare self-portrait, Ms. Shootz to Kill shows off the first casualty of the 2009 Dash for the 'Stache: the lens of her designer sunglasses, shattered in the street as she perilously balanced two drinks on top of her bike.

T-Minus 8 days . . .

The countdown to training camp started way back for most folks, but this Chef has been too busy trying to coax his upper lip follicles to produce hair sprouts that might resemble an actual mustache. More on that front later ...

Here's my Lombardi-fueled, deep-end backflip into the warm waters of Who Dat training camp:
  • Remember that dress you wore? You looked so hot.
  • 19-0.
  • Tailgating with this Guy? Stay tuned.
  • Nice skin.
Off-season development:
  • Gregg w/ two G's paid a visit to the St. Dominic's Men's Club in the spring as a keynote speaker. I missed it, but apparently two G's threw back a beer or seven, broke down some game film, and talked defensive schemes. The audience's reaction? I heard it was like watching 100 men, all over 40, simultaneously trying to disguise their erections. (side note: Greg w/ one G doesn't do too bad for himself either.)
  • 649 Bistro will house the culinary, children's entertainment, sprinkler, mulleted, adult film star, and photographic efforts of several Cafe 641 ex-patriates (Chef Who Dat, Black & Gold Teletubby, Nacho Libre, Denim & Diamonds, Porn Chef, and Ms. Shootz to Kill, respectively) in 2010. Seats are available for all games in both our rows (Rows 13, 14) from ticket brokers.
Save the date:
3rd Annual Dash for the 'Stache: Saturday, Sept. 4

(details to follow: from Mid-City to Superdome for annual blessing of the 'stache)

Friday, July 02, 2010

Ms. Shootz to Kill fo' Real

Cafe 641's very own Ms. Shootz to Kill (you may also know her as Kodak) has launched her website where she offers you her New Orleans-themed photographs. Proceeds from her work most certainly support the drink fund that she and hard-working husband Porn Chef established for the Saints 2010 season.

Sadly, there is no gallery for her groundbreaking Upper Terrace work, though she does offer this inspiring memento from the Lombardi Gras parade, and her in-season work was included in the Times-Picayune's coverage of the Missing 1200.