Friday, February 05, 2010

Live Reports from the MIA

Cafe 641 has commissioned the Porn Chef and Denim & Diamonds to provide updates from the Super Bowl.

A brief background on the Cafe's Super Bowl representation:

Porn Chef (the chef formerly known as Chef K-Paul and occasionally as the Industry Chef), entered the Cafe in 2008, securing notoriety through repeated spoon spanks, a mysterious sports hernia, and killer hair.

Denim & Diamonds arrived on the scene in 2007, making his presence felt by bringing a Jessica Simpson look-a-like to the Cafe, then uttering the now famous, "Chef, I'm gonna make it rain! Make it rain brown!"

Here's the first reports . . .

THUS. FEB. 04, 8:15 pm
Denim: "Adrian Peterson made the mistake of coming into Fat Tuesday's on South Beach, which is completely designated as a Saints bar. Did he think I wasn't going to thank him for his three fumbles? He didn't stay much longer. I like to believe I'm the reason he left."

THUS. FEB. 04, 8:34 pm
Denim: "I don't play."

FRI. FEB. 05, 9:05 am
Porn: "Fri 10 am. Plane lands in the MIA. Cafe 641 invasion is now on like Donkey Kong. Who Dat."

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