Monday, October 13, 2008

Any Given Sunday

Compliments of Miss Shootz 2 Kill (who returned from a one-game suspension from the Cafe due to her use of photographic substances banned by the NFL), we present a stunning sequence of any given Sunday in Cafe 641:

Whose House?

Our House.

The Entity Brings her "A" Game

Big Chief Curly Head: Showing S.C. Love for Stir-fried Russell Terrier

The Toastmaster General hears the love from DJ Doberge & Chef

Wineskin Hogan taking care of the Who Dats

Gris Gris lays a blessing down in the Cafe

Chef Who Dat: Dirty Dog style

Jessica Simpson leaves Tony Romo for Chef Who Dat

Handsome Willy Style


saintseester said...

I covet. Your shoes.

t-dex said...

looks like dj doberge crossed the nacho boycott 08 picket line, quite often. nice belly.