Thursday, October 09, 2008

Coming Soon to a Brennan's Restaurant Near You!

So a Chef walks through a tailgate on a Monday night, samples a stunning crabmeat dip, turns to a distinguished looking gentleman who looks as if he may be a holder of season tickets in the Club Level, and asks, "Say, brah. Who made this dee-lish crab dip?"

The distinguished looking gentleman replies, "My talented wife did, Chef," then holding up a goldenrod-colored paper, asks, "Can you tell me where I might find the person responsible for this stellar culinary menu?"

The Chef says, "Lookin' at him, brah. Here, have a Cafe 641 Snack Schedule -- it's a little something that our very own Chef K-Paul put together."

To which the distinguished looking gentleman responds, "Interesting. Mind if I borrow the Stir-fried Jamarcus Russell Terrier for my restaurant? I'm a Greenie and I'd like nothing more than to serve that little rat bastard over a plate of rice."

"Consider it done," said the Chef. "What's your restaurant?"

"Well, I have three here in the city, Chef. Not sure if you've heard of them. Redfish Grill, Ralph's on the Park, and Bacco."

And that friends, is how Cafe 641 will open up its call for menu items this week: with the semi-non-fictional story of how Ralph Brennan came to inquire about serving Cafe 641-inspired dog at his New Orleans restaurants.


dj doberge said...

Ronald’s Curried Butterfingers
Butterfingers simmered in spicy sauce to attain maximum slipperiness (or to ensure dropped passes)

Darren McFadden’s Turf Toe Poboy
This one will definitely slow you down

Leigh C. said...

Mazel tov!