Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Get in My Belly!

Couldn't agree more with Dilly: Steps have been taken.

And those steps will guide Chef Who Dat & family home on Friday, aided by the peace of mind that is Rita Benson LeBlanc in a gold fleur de lis dress with black stockings.

Those steps will guide us onto Poydras with renewed purpose: a citizenship reclamation project.

Those steps will remind us how we do what we do: embody our New Orleans locality by letting it all hang out.

Those steps will remind us that we're hungry on Sundays whenever an offending swashbuckler enters our Sacredome.

Those steps will lead us to eat, to fill our stomachs, to nourish our bodies with the pirate carcass: Stuff It Up Their Buc-skins . . . Jeff's Not Quite Faine-mous Flabby Wings . . . Garcia's Geriatric Jello.

Forgot to evacuate with your Saints schedule? No worries. Chef K-Paul has you hooked up. We'll make it rain in the Cafe on Sunday with our very own 2008 Cafe 641 Snack Schedule. Pick yours up in Rows 41 and 42.

Say your prayers, Who Dats. The time is drawing near.

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