Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Fleur de Lis Levee Protection

While the Army Corps of Engineers struggles to find its ass from its eyeballs, Drewliverance has shown us the way. Get smart, Carl A. Strock.

Forget 100-year protection, Cat 5 protection, or any other semantic smokescreen. Give us what we want and so desperately need: Fleur de Lis Levees. It starts in the Gulf.

You see, Carl, that salt water can't fill our homes if it's standing at attention saluting #9 as he parts the sea and leads the team across the entire outer continental shelf. Get to work, Carl, and if you insist on stuffing our levees with newspaper, at least be smart enough to choose 1,000,000 copies of the Times-Picayune's NFL Preview section and its prophetic cover.


Moses said...

Drew needs to back up off and quit steppin' on my professionalism.

Reed Hogan said...

Chef-WHODAT. I look forward to meeting you. I am actually sitting in a room with your little brother Tom right now (I am a resident at Baylor with him). I have heard your legendary journey to the peak of WHODAT-Fan stardum. It is a beautiful story - I love to see the passion in the new converts when they get their first taste of heaven.

I will be flying out Saturday night on a mission to make the DOME as electric post-Gustav as it was post-Katrina. As you well know, if it is even 1/4 as good as it was on the beautiful day of Sept 25, 2006 - then it will be the event of the year. My game-gear is laid out, the face-paint is purchased, adrenaline is up.

Just wanted to say hello and let you know that I am starving for a little Cafe 641.

Here's to a sweet weekend to kickoff our run to our first SUPERBOWL!


saintseester said...

Well if Reed can fly in, the seester can fly in, too.

Any ideas how hard it will be to drive in from Little Rock? Seester seester is coming in from there.

Chef Who Dat said...

@Moses: chillax prophet man. Drew's a god-fearing man who is taking your sea-parting to the next logical level.

@Reed: Concourse C (facing stage, parking lot to your right, one level down) you'll find your MS brethren tailgating with Golden Spoons throbbing in the air.

@seester: not sure geographical point of Little Rock, but we're coming on Friday from DFW, traveling I-20 to I-49 -- my hope (guess?) is that most traffic might be from northeast of NOLA since that was the smart evacuation route to avoid Gustav's NW direction. Where ya'll sitting?

saintseester said...

Section 634 - I will email you my phone # - message me - we'll find you before the game weather permitting.

I also need to confirm our hotel is operational, but I heard power in the CBD is on.

saintseester said...

PS - if that is your tailgate party, I have no culinary choice but to crash it.