Thursday, June 12, 2008

Reading is FUNdamental

One day removed from their Good Samaritan gesture (and Devery's failure to fall from a roof), Saints players were back on the goodwill trail yesterday. Sedrick Ellis and Tracy Porter made a special appearance at the Main Library downtown for a children's reading program.

Here's the details from Mother Mary, recently employed by the New Orleans library system (excellent hire!):

aah, Chef! It warmed the cockles of my heart to see Mr. Porter and Mr. Ellis brave the rainstorm & street flooding this afternoon to read not one, not two, but three books to a roomful of young Who Dats at the New Orleans Public Library's Main Branch.

Wish you coulda seen it.

Here's a pic of me and two of the newest Saints, and another of the mark they've left on me forever.

Yours in the Faith,

Mother Mary

Only two questions, Mother Mary. You smiling and we can't see your hands: what's up with that? Are those books they're holding a gift from the public library system?

Bright White Warning

Just a friendly summer vacation warning from Chef: all but the most fierce Who Dats should probably steer clear of the Gulf Coast beach region between Gulf Shores and Mobile Bay next week.

Chef is toying with a summer Who Dat tribute on his chest while sunning at the beach. The idea sprouted this morning after the following exchange with the Mrs. (and after hearing Super Saint Girl rock her cabbage ball team's pep chant all week):

Mrs. Chef (a.k.a. The Entity . . . The Enigma . . . The Who Dat Cougar): Dude. Put your shirt back on. You're pasty white. Bright white. Not cool.

Chef: Oh yeah?

Mrs. Chef: Yeah.

Chef: Step off cougar. My name is Bright White and you know what I got?

Mrs. Chef: So what you got?

Chef: I got a chest that's whiter than white.

Mrs. Chef: How white is white?

Chef: You know that chef who cooks up the rice?

Mrs. Chef: Uh huh, uh huh.

Chef: My chest is whiter than the whitest of rice.

So in your face.

Your tan's a disgrace.

I'm gonna shake my Bright White all over the place.

Sayin' we will, we will rock you down, blow you up, like a volcano that's bout to erupt.

Look out world, here he comes, Bright White is number one.

Okay. Now to the real news. Considering the virtues of a fleur-de-lis tan next week. Would that qualify me for free Dome Foam from anyone?