Saturday, November 10, 2012

Falcon Hate Manifesto

Courtesy of the Angry Who Dat ... a manifesto

Chef's favorites:

The Falcon: "The Falcon, contrary to popular fan opinion, is not a majestic animal. It eats small birds, rodents and insects. It is host to a plethora of parasites including tapeworms, nematodes, and something called "chewing lice." It hosts bacteria and can carry malaria. There is such a thing, believe it or not, as Falconid Herpesvirus."

The Playoffs: "Matt Ryan is getting MVP talk this year. He's been labeled "elite" (such a stupid, subjective term that is anyway) more times than I bother to count. Yet, he hasn't won any more playoff games than Bobby Hebert. He's won the same number of playoff games at quarterback as Sean Payton. LeBron James, Roger Federer, Tiger Woods, Wayne Gretsky and Alex Rodriguez have the same number of NFL playoff wins as does the current Falcons regime. Notably equal to the number of playoff wins belonging to Matt Ryan, Roddy White, Julio Jones, and Mike Smith combined are those belonging to each of the following: Miley Cyrus, my grandmother, Snooki, Jennifer Aniston, Peter Griffin, Betty White, Sam Walton, that hot blonde bartender (you know who I mean), Colin Powell, Scrappy Doo, John Jeansonne, Madonna, Slobodon Milosevic, Ricky Bobby, Peter Cottontail, the nice lady who delivers my mail, Jason Alexander, J.R.R. Tolkien, Jaime Kennedy, Honey Boo Boo, Prince Charles, Issac Asimov, and Sarah Michelle Gellar."

God, I love this guy. And Falcons week. Please remember ... you can't fly in a flightless Superdome!

8 and "0 No You Didn't!"

Falcons week. One bird at a time. Matt, for the love of the kids, please wipe before entering the Dome.

Monday, November 05, 2012

Vick on a Stick

There's probably a bounce track to be recorded in this Vick dish somehow. Monkey on a stick?