Monday, October 30, 2006

Four Quarters

After the Ravens' let-down, 4-Quarter Fujita asked/demanded all Who Dats to stay in their seats through the end of the game. Win or lose.

No problem for Cafe 641.

Ms. "Proud" Mary (of Row 42, Seat 12) had both hands raised, each displaying four fingers at the start of the 4th quarter on Sunday, even with the Saints down 35-7.

Go 'head Proud Mary. You looking like a Golden Spoon candidate now!

Other Section 641 notes of interest . . .

GOLDEN SPOON WINNERS from Sunday, October 29
* Much love to D. (Row 40) for his new Gold, almost mohawk hairstyle and a 9 a.m. Superdome appearance on Sunday.

* More love to Super-Poet Jeanne (Row 42, Seat 8) for her menu contributions and Raven rhyme.

* Somebody tell Nacho Libre "Hulk" Hogan to wait until after the national anthem plays before he makes his grand Cafe 641 appearance. Can this Who Dat be stopped? Me thinks not.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Test Kitchen

Awright who dats. The bright side? We have three weeks in the test kitchen to perfect our Bengal-themed dishes.

We flame-broiled Falcons. Eagles, easy-over. We boiled the Bucs. And, yes, Ravens proved difficult to roast. But that's a one-game setback.

Cincy, Carolina, take notice: we also cook cats.

Post your best cat dishes here.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

6-1! (Cafe 641 Calls It!)

And this from Cafe 641 Golden Spoon Candidate, Row 42, Seat 8:

(Rapped to the old-school children's rhyme, "Sing a Song of Sixpence")

"Sing a song of six wins
After one week was bye
4 and 20 blackbirds baked in a pie

When the pie was opened
the birds began to faint
Oh wasn't that a tasty dish
to set before the Saints

The fans were in the Superdome
cheering all the players
The sportscasters now no longer
were the nay-sayers

Coach Billick was in the locker room
cursing their poor show
When down fell the blackbirds
Edgar, Allen, and Poe"

(Come see the author on Sunday in Section 641, Row 42, Seat 8! She's promised to sign menus featuring her award-winning ditty.)

Now picture this 6-win flow going down in the Dome with all Chef's Roofbangers:

Awright Cafe Who Dats . . . I'll bring the lyric sheets and spoons, ya'll bring the noise. We cooking blackbird on the 29th!

Saints Gameday Menu Memories

I woke up this morning thinking it was Saints gameday, and by afternoon I found myself stumbling through the Quarter. My body was tuned automatically to another victory celebration, so it turned left on Decatur in route to free rounds at Molly's.

I eventually woke up when I smelled fried chicken at Fiorella's, which got me thinking about all the bird we've been enjoying at the Cafe 641 with the Roofbangers. At some point the Dirty Bird Rice mixes with the Bird-beak Bisque, which mixes with the Tailfeather Tacos, which after a while even sounds good with some ol' fashioned Scurvy Scaloppini and Boudin Buc Balls.

So in case you missed a dish, forgot to break bread with Chef and the Cafe family, or have been in a 5-1 daze of late, here's some photo highlights from Chef's fuzzy memory:




Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Chef vs. The Green Legion

We appreciate the love, Green Legion boys. Coming a day early to earn your Friday night, Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon, Saturday night, and Sunday morning beers by staging a clean up in Central City. All smack aside, we appreciate your help. Thanks for coming and making things better here.

Just a few suggestions related to your game-day activities:

Next time ya'll "invade the Big Easy" and stage a bar crawl followed by pep rally followed by tailgate party followed by parade to the Dome, remember to ask for, at a minimum, a New Orleans high school marching band with boys in it. You may have felt good marching out of the Quarter behind a Mardi Gras-proven high school marching band. And certainly no disrespect to the XUP girls. The Xavier Prep Marching Band turns out for Carnival, but you Green Legion guys seem to have a sort of macho aesthetic, yes?

In case the Legion remembers it differently, here's how it went down . . .

1. Waves of swaying green men interrupt Chef Who Dat while serving his Hot Eagle Wings smothered in Louisiana Hot Sauce to a lovely young couple on the Superdome concourse.

2. Chef Who Dat responds by opening a bottle of his finest champagne to said lovely young couple.

3. Swaying green men intensify their number. At least one confirmed case of bird being shot in Chef's direction.

4. Chef finally obliges Legion, declares open season on birds.

5. Saints win.

Who Dey?

Okay, so ESPN calls the Saints final 16 plays to win the Eagles game it's "Drive of the Week." But, that's just some shameless attempt to plug a Chevy truck.

The Cajun Cannon knows what's real and told us so yesterday on his WWL show. A review of the issues with Bobby Hebert:

* Dey say a Who Dat delivered a halftime, locker-room style speech while standing at the urinal during the Saints-Eagles game. His message? "Ya'll heard coach. Bring it for 4!"

* Dey say that Cincinnati fans claim Who Dat is Who Dey and dey own it. What?!?! A Who Dat called in to suggest a corporate sponsorship of Who Dat hankies for the Bengals game on Nov. 19. Chef suggests all Who Dats put the Who Dey wiki to good use. Maybe a couple hundred revisions to their Who Dey entry?

* Dey say the Who Dats in Section 535 have been sitting during defensive plays. Bobby threatens to visit and cheerlead up and down the aisle.

You can't pick your family . . .

How important is the Cafe 641 family to the hysteria that breaks out each week at the top of the Dome ?

Good question.

The answer please, Chef?

Important enough to have two of its charter members selected as fans of the game by the Saintsations! Much love to ya, seats 7 and 8. Much love. And apologies for the accidental WHO DAT elbow to the head during the Falcons game.

Feel free to self-identify your photo -- but I'm reminded of Golden Spoon-winner Hattiesburg Hogan who gently told Chef after an embarrasing costume gliche . . . "Put your mustache back on beeotch! I'm embarrassed to look at you right now!"

Previous Menus

Miracle Monday . . . Sunday Brunch Favorites . . . Section 641 Sampler . . . Remember the first time you broke bread with Chef?

September 25, 2006
“This Bird’s for You!” House Specialties
Bird-Beak Bisque
Peregrine Poboy (sauteed falcon breast)
Blackened Falcon w/ Dirty Bird Rice
Falcon Fricassee
Bless Dem Boys Bread Pudding

October 8, 2006
“Pirate-Infused Brunch Buffet”

Pirate-Lite Items
Parrot Souflee
Arrrugula Salad
Pickled Pirate Lips

Haarghty Items
Hot Boiled Buccaneers
Boudin Buc Balls
Peg Leg Pirogue Platter
(boiled pegleg quarters in a buccaneer-bechamel sauce, served with diced simms’ spleen over scurvy scallopini)

Bless Dem Boys Bread Pudding
(made famous on Miracle Monday!)

October 15, 2006
“Shoot the Bird Specials”

Boo Bird Bouillabaisse
Bald Eagle Boudin
Tailfeather Tacos

Battered & Ball-less Bird-Meat Pie
The Boiled Bald Bird
(spicy combo of tasty boiled bird pieces – clipped wings, torn talons & broken beaks )

Bless Dem Boys Bread Pudding
(2-0 in the dome! still works!)
Deuce Up-Side-Your-Head Cake
(I said, “deuce up side your head . . .”)

* all entrees served with reggie-right-bayou bread

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Superdome Upper Terrace Seeks Menu Items

Cafe 641 (a.ka. Roof-bangers Ristorante) has issued a call for menu items for the New Orleans Saints - Baltimore Ravens game on October 29. We've already dismembered, boiled, and deep-fried two sets of birds (e.g. Falcon Fricassee; Bald Eagle Boudin), and Chef Who Dat's hungry for more. Halloween, Edgar Allen Poe, and innovative bird dishes are desired. Winning menu items eligible for Chef's Golden Spoon award.