Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Chef vs. The Green Legion

We appreciate the love, Green Legion boys. Coming a day early to earn your Friday night, Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon, Saturday night, and Sunday morning beers by staging a clean up in Central City. All smack aside, we appreciate your help. Thanks for coming and making things better here.

Just a few suggestions related to your game-day activities:

Next time ya'll "invade the Big Easy" and stage a bar crawl followed by pep rally followed by tailgate party followed by parade to the Dome, remember to ask for, at a minimum, a New Orleans high school marching band with boys in it. You may have felt good marching out of the Quarter behind a Mardi Gras-proven high school marching band. And certainly no disrespect to the XUP girls. The Xavier Prep Marching Band turns out for Carnival, but you Green Legion guys seem to have a sort of macho aesthetic, yes?

In case the Legion remembers it differently, here's how it went down . . .

1. Waves of swaying green men interrupt Chef Who Dat while serving his Hot Eagle Wings smothered in Louisiana Hot Sauce to a lovely young couple on the Superdome concourse.

2. Chef Who Dat responds by opening a bottle of his finest champagne to said lovely young couple.

3. Swaying green men intensify their number. At least one confirmed case of bird being shot in Chef's direction.

4. Chef finally obliges Legion, declares open season on birds.

5. Saints win.

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