Thursday, May 20, 2010

Geauxjira: The Movie

Cafe 's test kitchen lent a helping hand this week to an instant cinema classic: Geauxjira. Created by Michael Homan, a member of the Cafe's bicycling pub crawl team, Geauxjira points an accusatory finger (the middle one, in fact) at BP's oil spill in a parody re-make of the Japanese Godzilla film, Gojira.

Here's an explanation from the director:
mhoman — May 19, 2010 — Geauxjira is a brief homage to some famous scenes in Ishiro Honda's movie Gojira (1954), better known in English as Godzilla. Whereas Godzilla was created from nuclear explosions, Geauxjira is a giant crawfish spawned by leaking crude oil. On April 21st, 2010, the Deepwater Horizon oil rig exploded off the coast of Louisiana. Eleven people perished in the explosion. As we made our movie, thousands of barrels of oil leaked every day on the Gulf of Mexico's floor, causing the biggest environmental disaster in our lifetime. Moreover, we're terrified about the ramifications the oil will have on our economy and lives. In making a parody there is a danger of giving the impression that we find this calamity to be funny. In fact, the opposite is true. We're angry and frightened about the uncertain impact of this disaster. If you're interested, we'd invite you to do two simple things: first donate to the Friends of the Laffitte Corridor (, a non-profit organization designed to convert a rail line in the heart of New Orleans into a bike path. Second, try to reduce your oil consumption. We hope you enjoy our movie.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Viewing Advice for New Cafe Patrons

One of the new inhabitants in the rows formerly known as Cafe 641's "Chef's table" worries about visibility in the new press box. The T-P's Jeff Duncan tweeted his concern yesterday about seeing the action unfold from the top of the Dome.
Also, much to my dismay, the press box demolition/move to the rafters is set for mid-late June completion. Will need advice on good optics. via TweetDeck

Thanks. Gonna need some strong ones. @KenJenkinsII: swarovski are the best you can buy via TweetDeck

Press boxes are at suite level in most stadiums, have moved from midfield to corners @JeffHarbison where are press boxes in most stadiums?
Until we return to the Cafe, we offer the following viewing suggestions to our new media patrons:
  1. Vintage specs.
  2. Contemporary specs.
  3. Colostomy bag.

Friday, May 07, 2010

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Roll Call

Cafe 641 is in the early stages of planning a family reunion back in Section 641 for the exact moment the XLIV banner drops, but for now, here's where we'll spread our culinary influence during the 2010 season:

Section 130
Mark & Kristen, Row 17, 8-9 (formerly 641, Row 43, 3-4)

Section 529
Quitman G. & Shreveport 641 (formerly 641, Row 43, 7-10)

Section 624
Diane & Jacob (formerly 641, Row 41, 9-10)

Section 642
  • Hold that Line Cook, a.k.a. The Cocktail Chef, a.k.a. Jeanne, Row 36, 11 (formerly 641, Row 42, 7-8)
  • Sean N. (a.k.a. Bjorn Borg) (formerly 641, Row 40, 13-14)

Section 647
Jim V., Row 13, 13-14 (formerly 641, Row 42, 12-13)

Section 649
  • Chef, The Entity, Porn Chef, Ms. Shootz to Kill, Row 13, 1-4 (formerly 641, Row 41, 19-21 & Row 42, 9-10)
  • Dirty Dog & Beaver Spank, Row 14, 5-6 (formerly 641, Row 41, 11-12)
  • Denim & Diamonds (formerly 641, Row 43, 18-20)
  • EJ & Eugene, private investigators to the stars (currently only 1 ticket)

Section 650
Margaret & Kim, Row 3, 1-2 ((formerly 641, Row 43, 1-2)

Monday, May 03, 2010

Cafe 641 in Exile

To all our loyal customers:

The management team of Cafe 641 will return to the Superdome in 2010 in a temporary new location until more permanent arrangements can be made in Section 641. Please visit us at our new address:

Section 649, Row 13, Seats 1-4 (Chef Who Dat, The Entity, Porn Chef, Ms. Shootz to Kill)

Section 649, Row 14, Seats 4-5 (Dirty Dog & Beaver Spank)

Section 649, Row 3 (Denim & Diamonds)

Same great food! Same great service!