Sunday, August 23, 2009

"St. Archie. Pray for us."

Video footage from the 2nd Annual Dash for the 'Stache.
Vital stats from the 2nd Annual Dash for the 'Stache:
  • Stops: 8
  • 'Stache Dashers: 24
  • Safety patrol officers: 1
  • Liuzza's fishbowls: 20
  • Mustaches affixed to Superdome: 1
  • Mustaches affixed to Who Dats: 24
Spicy 'Stache

Who Dat Fortunes: "You're gonna have an affair w/ a Saintsation." or "You'll score five touchdowns."
The Original Cocktail Chef

Fleur-de-bikes least likely to get stolen

Home Sweet Dome

Final call: Finn McCool's

Least likely to spill a beer while biking

Tastes like Miami

We honor those 'staches that have come before us

Roll Call

Stache love

The keys to victory

Ladies and gentlemen . . . I give you . . .

. . . the original fleur-de-stache.

Riding the fleur-de-line

Pepto Bismol Stache

Best impersonation of a traffic cop: Fleur-de-Vespa

He's a bad mutha---- stache: Shut your mouth. I'm talkin' about Chef.

First to 'stache: Denim & Diamond

Friday, August 21, 2009

Hail Stache, 2009

Hail Fleur-de-Stache, full of faith, the Black & Gold is with Thee.
Blessed art thou among fleur-de-lis and blessed is the soul of thy team, the New Orleans Saints.
Holy ‘Stache, Patron Saint of Who Dat Mustachios,
Pray for us fans now and at the hour of our kickoff.

You have bestowed cool Brees upon on us and delivered us from the perils of burnt toast.
In this, our year of the Lombardi, give us strength, oh ‘Stache.
Give us strength in battle.
Protect us against cat and bird, cowgirl and indian, pirate and patriot.

As we place Thy sacred hair upon these fleur-de-lips,
We honor those Black & Gold follicles that have come before us:
St. Archie, pray for us. Dome Patrol, defend us.
As we beseech thee for the Sunday warmth of a Miami Beach in February,
We dare to repeat the mutterings of a Doubting Mora …

Playoffs. Playoffs. Playoffs.


To be recited outside Gate A, Sacredome. Saturday, August 22. 4 - 4:30 p.m.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Captions. Please.

Never mind the lateness of this spectacular AP photo find. Let's just offer deep gratitude to de los Rios via Advocate via Bill Haber/AP that we have the opportunity to caption this Who Dat gold.

*My money's on Wang, but I'd never rule out a sober T-Dex.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Fleur-de-Stache Bike Patrol Hits Streets

It's only right that we make slight alterations to the 2nd Annual Dash for the 'Stache. Especially after we no longer have burnt toast for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And the resurrection of a Saint "who knows what it means..." So here it is . . . after confirming with the Cafe 641 Cocktail Chef (and pub crawl extraordinaire), our final route for Saturday's Who Dat bike crawl . . .

Sat. August 22. 12 p.m. start. The Bulldog (5315 Canal Blvd. Mid-City)
Followed by stops at: Mid-City Yacht Club, Finn McCool's, Superdome, Handsome Willy's, Finn McCool's (about an hour per stop)
5:30 - 6 p.m. finish: A return trip to Finn McCool's for free food at 6 p.m., a party with the Big Easy Roller Girls, and Saints pre-season football at 7.
Map: Bike route and stops here.