Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bon Voyage Vi-Queens

If you missed the Mall of America kick-off to a season long celebration of 50 years of Vi-Queens, I strongly advise you bring yourself up to speed on this storied franchise with Moose Denied's in-depth reportage:
"The lightning strikes the hull of the Drekar longship, which proceeds to burst into flames and sink to the bottom of the Nordsj√łen."

'Staches on Wheels

Cafe 641's 3rd annual Dash for the 'Stache hits the streets on Saturday, September 4, pedaling from the Mid-City Bulldog to the Dome for the annual blessing of the mustaches. Time to tune up your bike and pick up a helmet. Therese is sure glad she did:

Saturday, September 4
12 p.m. start at Mid-City Bulldog
Stops include:
Buddy D and Dave Dixon gravesites
Mid-City Yacht Club
Finn McCool's
Superdome Gate A
Champions Square
... and other bars tba ...

Thursday, August 19, 2010

T-P Columnist: "Favre on the Ground!"

Seems like the indomitable spirit of the Roofbanger has rubbed off a bit on some of the media types whose new Sacredome press box now occupies those 1200 seats removed during the off-season. That's a good thing because the Cajun Cannon can't be the only one banging press box roofs.

Kudos to T-P columnist Jeff Duncan for his journalistic "pants on the ground" shots at Brett Favre:

But unless you're wearing purple-colored glasses, the only remotely cheap shot I could see would be McCray's late hit at the end of the reverse handoff. In fact, there were a couple of times Saints defenders had chances to waylay Favre in the pocket, only to pull up or slide by him at the last instant. . . .

The pass was so bad there were only two rational conclusions to be rendered from it: Farve gambled because he either (a.) physically couldn't run; or (b.) cowardly wouldn't. Either way, the Saints defense had successfully delivered its message. . . .

There might be "Favre rules" in Eden Prairie, Minn., but they don't apply in New Orleans.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Rings for Roofbangers

Cafe 641 unveiled it's Super Bowl XLIV ring design earlier this week courtesy of the design team at Saintseester, which was chosen over Tiffany & Co. Enjoy:

Monday, August 09, 2010

Giant Mushroom in the Sky

Patron Saint of the Sacredome
Judi Bottoni, AP)
David F. Dixon, the driving force behind the concept and construction of the Louisiana Superdome and the father of professional football in New Orleans, died this morning, his son David Frank Dixon Jr. said. (Marty Mule, T-P)
Peter Finney offers these eulogistic thoughts on what might not have been without Dave Dixon "passing our way:"
  • "Would there be such a football team as the New Orleans Saints?"
  • "Would that giant mushroom be sitting today on Poydras Street?"
To those, I add:
  • Would there be a roof to bang? A wall to dirty?
Finney recalls a Galatoire's dinner he attended with Buddy D., Vince Lombardi, and Dixon, where Dixon gets to preaching on the virtues of New Orleans professional football:
When Dave finished, the Green Bay coach laughed out loud. He pounded the table with his fist. "Mr. Dixon, I'm ready to suit up and go out there and play. Dammit, after hearing this pep talk, I think you missed your calling. You shoulda been a football coach.''
And the ringing endorsement of Louisiana Governor John McKeithen, whose prescient appraisal of the Sacredome sounded like this:
Dave, that's the greatest building in the history of the world. And, by God, we're going to build it.
Mr. Clio and Jeffrey pay their respects.

A funeral mass will be said Wednesday at 12:30 p.m. at Holy Name of Jesus.

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Casting Call

It's never early to answer the Roofbanger's casting call, as seen here in audition photos from the 2009 Lions Sleep Tonight game. Ms. Shootz to Kill and Porn Chef show why they are a power couple and Junior Nacho demonstrates that he's no stranger to the sprinkler. Sadly, Los Who Dats were not Cafe 641 material; more of a one-hit wonder.

Lil' Sprinkler
(Photo: Ms. Shootz to Kill)

La Bamba
(Photo: Ms. Shootz to Kill)

Industry Standard
(Photo: Black & Gold Teletubby)

Aims to Kill
(Photo: Black & Gold Teletubby)

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Sidney D. Torres Training Camp Contract

Dump Off
(Photo: Bill Haber, Associated Press)

Still steamed over Landrieu's re-bidding of the French Quarter trash collection contract, Sidney D.T. took his steaming pile to Airline Drive on Friday. Torres took his pristine mobile defecation units to Saints practice for an audition in the team's quick hands drill, which was described thus-ly in Saturday's T-P:
Saints tight ends have a unique drill to work on reaction time. The player stands in a portable toilet with the door closed, and after the pass is thrown, a coach opens the door at the last second to provide a chance to catch the ball. Starting tight end Jeremy Shockey demonstrates the technique Friday at Saints camp in Metairie.
Yeah, that happened. Or Shock cut the line for the quarterbacks' port-a-let and Drew was teaching him a lesson. In either case, get ready for the media onslaught: a Google search of "portable toilet Shockey" yields 2,140 results, including a Minneapolis Star-Tribune caption contest and a DeadSpin write-up.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

A Reading from the Book of Brees

The Brees-mark appears early (chapter 1, verse 1) and is a candidate for leading character 100-pages into Breesus' memoir. That should be no surprise, since it's been getting mad love since its Boilermaker days.

But a phone call to Nick Satan (chapter 7, verse 107) should receive equal attention:
"You know what, Coach Saban, thank you very much for your time. I appreciate your interest. I appreciate the visit and the invitation to come down there. I'm going to New Orleans." Click.
Thanks to Michael Homan, who gifted me the book under the condition that it would serve as a holy text, highlighted, tagged, and used for responsorial readings during 2010 roofbanging rituals. For example,
Who Dats. We invite you to open the Book of Brees, turn to chapter 8, verse 110, and read the parable of "The Comeback":

"There was hope. And there was life. And no matter how desolate things might appear, if you go deeper, you can feel a strong heartbeat."
Or ...
Let us read the 61st Psalm from chapter 5 of the Book of Brees: "Creating the Edge." "Strengthen thy core. Make it the focal point for your body's operations. It all starts there. The roofbanging position is all about balance: keeping steady in the stands; being able to slide, move, and then still being able to deliver the noise accurately and with velocity."

Monday, August 02, 2010

Blister in the Sun

Just left training camp where the temperature registered a bearable 93 degrees (if bearable is defined by a Red Stripe and two Budweisers.)

While there was little to no action on our field (except for a youthful looking Jim Henderson in designer flip flops and Thomas Morstead launching a 10-yard punt that may have traveled 5,128 feet into the atmosphere), the following is noteworthy:

  • Michelle from Saints Rants ranted about Clint Ingram borrowing #55. (Nice to finally meet you, Michelle. You're less angry in person.)
  • Lance Moore and Darren Sharper both respond well when offered post-practice beer.
  • Dirty Denim & Diamonds made an appearance at practice to announce his new off-season training regimen. It's dirty. And beer is involved.
  • Had a heat-related stroke of menu inspiration: A.P. Fumbalaya (Yo Adrian! Hold on to your balls!)