Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Mini Camp Mecca

If NFL minicamps are tiny versions of summer training camp, then Chef wonders if the minicamp mecca is a smaller version of the training camp trip to Jackson, MS.

The Cafe 641 kitchen's been awfully busy of late, but count Chef in on at least one practice this weekend, even if incognito.

Monday, May 14, 2007

12 Minutes of Fame

12 minutes?! Are you serious?!

Chef didn't think it would be easy for heavyweight Olympic gymnast Walter Thomas to crack the starting lineup. But 12 minutes?!

Suppose it's time to confess. Chef sent Walter a special take-out meal the night before the Saints rookie mini-camp opened on Saturday. It was a sampler of Cafe 641 menus from 2006. Apparently, Walter didn't read the attached note:
Hi Walter. Hope these snacks give you a taste of New Orleans. Welcome to the team. Please don't attempt to eat all the Deviled Eagle Eggs. They give you gas and increase your chance of cramping.


Chef Who Dat

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The Hype

Need hype?
2008 Mock NFL Draft 1.2008 Mock NFL Draft 2.
2008 Mock NFL Draft 3.

You Kill It, You Eat It

It started as a typical day for the Who Dats. The fraternal Who Dat twins, Super Saint Girl and Sous Chef, were chatting it up in the Chef-mobile on the way to pre-K, dropping the usual gossip about who peed on their mat at nap time and who used the "S" word at lunch. Chef was only mildly interested . . .

UNTIL . . .

. . . he heard his daughter clearly say, "You kill it, you eat it." "Yeah, you right," agreed Sous Chef. "That's what the P.E. coach says when we pick up bugs. You kill it, you eat it."

Chef paid no attention to the bugs comment, or the obvious reference to Sportsman's Paradise and the hunters/fishers creed. He felt a tear well up in his left eye and dabbed it before it could smear his freshly applied eye black.

You kill it, you eat it. That's what we been telling folks in Cafe 641 all season. It's the gospel truth, it is. Juvenile horses? Kill and eat on September 6. Reckless racoons? Kill and eat on September 24. Dirty Bird? Kill and eat on October 21. Eat leftovers on December 10.