Friday, December 21, 2007

Pre-Game Mea Culpas

Chef spent the morning reviewing menus and culinary notes from the 2007 season and stumbled across several unfortunate omissions. After consulting with his Who Dat spiritual advisors, Chef believes that he must cleanse himself of these errors before completing this weekend's crucial Wild Card worthy menu.

So, here goes. I'm sorry . . .

1. . . . that a 1978 eighth-grade graduate of St. Rose de Lima (Raphael) received full credit for the "Bulger-In-Your-Pants Vienna Sausage" appetizer when a fellow St. Rose de Lima alumnus (Coach K.) first suggested the dish.
Penance: Chef buys Coach K. a cold beer and a $6 trifecta box at the Fairgrounds.

2. . . . that the High Priestess of the newly formed Krewe of Brid (Mary Hogan) received full credit for the Who Dat Rosary, when the Divine Words were clearly a collaborative effort between the High Priestess and Original Bridgette (Katherine Hogan), with the younger Hogan leading the way. (see letter to Chef below)

Penance: Chef invites all Who Dats to the debut march of the Krewe of Brid on Friday, Janaury 11 at 6 p.m. on Harrison Ave. between Orleans and Canal in Lakeview. Beers on Chef.

3. . . . that only 1/4 of menu suggestions actually make their way onto the Cafe 641 menu. Mad respect to all those who scour the far ends of depth charts of the weekly Saints opponent for dish ideas. And much love to those culinary giants with standing reservations at Galatoire's who submit fine dining dishes. If Chef were preparing a menu for the Superdome's Club level or for fans with encyclopedic knowledge of NFL rosters, no doubt we'd see more of these dishes on the menu. But, since we reside in the upper reaches of the Upper Terrace, we attempt to strike a balance between mascot-inspired dishes, roasts of key players, and repeated references to Rocky Mountain Oysters. If your dish didn't make it, revise and re-submit.
Penance: Chef will drink a ladle-full of Nacho Libre's finest whiskey for every item you submit that does not appear on the weekly menu.

Chef -
I must confess and beg your attention to a small but important detail regarding The Saints Rosary's provenance.
It was, in fact, penned with the assistance of Original Bridgette Katherine.
A lot of assistance.
In fact, I have to confess that Original Bridgette Katherine was responsible for at least if not more than 50% of the creative work.
The divine words were visited upon the two of us in a miraculous moment of mother-daughter bonding, so rare beyond the toddler years. I say a prayer of gratitude and hope every Sunday (sometimes Monday) to the Saints, the Coach and Fair Rita for bringing us together.
Original Bridgette Katherine and I do hope that Who Dat's around the Dome are similarly inspired by the divine words and join us in loud rejoicing and MAKE-SOME-NOISE.
Who Dat!
Mary Hogan
High Priestess, Krewe of Brid
debut march: 6p, Friday, Janaury 11, Harrison Ave. in Lakeview

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