Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Kurt Warner Wants You! (to contribute to this week's menu)

What's that, Kurt Warner? You hungry? Really? Six wins haven't got you full yet?

Well, you're always welcome to leave your fish at the door and check out our Cafe 641 Sunday Brunch menu.

Heard that your boy Honey Nut Boldin Graham might show up on it. And your old-school punter, too. A little Blackened Mitch Berger. Maybe a marinated Warner Wing.

Stay tuned, Kurt. And try to get ahold of some new jorts. Tim Tebow might have a pair for you.


Anonymous said...

Tebow's girlfriend is also stacked:

Kooky Kajun Kitchen said...

A few suggestions for this week's fare from the boys in the Krazy Kajun Kitchen:

Entree #1 Steve "Blackened Chicken" Breaston peppered with Calvin Pace picante sauce

Entree #2 Neil Rackers' lamb with a drizzle of Bahwoh "Au" Jue

Caribbean treats: Jamaica "jerked chicken" Rector and pan seered Shane Morey eel. Yum Yum!

Dessert: A delicious Antrelle "Cinnamon" Rolle smothered in Matt "under" Ware

Sunil said...

Jorts are coming back. With a vengeance.