Sunday, December 16, 2007

Earned It

No reason to waste time celebrating this victory. Let the Who Dats get back to work for next Sunday's Feast o' Eagles.

Awright. What the hell. Chef will take a second to wave the champagne around a little:

* This design from Saintseester was distributed on buttons today in the Cafe because they've earned it in 2007.

* Chef's boy Kooky Kajun was none too happy when his Cardinal menu suggestions didn't make their way onto today's menu. But he quickly Earned It by opening up the Philly Menu Board in the first quarter of today's game. He handed over the following, already printed out. Vote on your favorite dish here:
Reno Mahe Mahi
Kevin Korn on the Kolb
Marcus Paschal Lamb
Takeo Spikes Da Punch
Thomas Chicken Tapeh
Nick Chocolate-Covered Grahams
Hank's Bread Baskett
Green Akers and Ham

* The Cocktail Chef offered up a successful version of the classic Cajun gridiron cheer: "Hot boudin. Cold cous-cous. C'mon Saints. Push. Push. Push."

* Nacho Libre poured savory bourbon from his wine skin flask on every defensive stop, every point scored, and sometimes every other play.

* The Dirty Dog returned to the Cafe.

* The Cafe posed for it's annual Christmas picture. To be posted soon.

Oh yeah. We're now accepting suggestions for our final bird-themed menu.


saintseester said...

You got the buttons already?

Chick in the Huddle said...

here's hoping wifey enjoyed the singria. we'll take care of the takeo spikes the punch if you serve up the reno mahe mahi.

Chef Who Dat said...

seester: yep. yours are in the mail tomorrow.

chick: High marks on the sin-gria. Thanks for the recipe. With temps at 55 degrees in the Dome, the buzz kept her warm. Mahe Mahi. Got it.

Ashley said...

How'd you like that Absolut New Orleans? It didn't make it through the game, btw, and something good happened on the field everytime we partook. So hell, there's another painful tradition.

saintseester said...

Goodie! I'll get it in time for my birfday this week!

Chef Who Dat said...

Ashley: Absolut who? Chef drank some vodka? Don't remember that. But couldn't find Cafe 641 until the third quarter so if you saying we drank some illicit black pepper and mango vodka smuggled into a designer flash, that may be the reason for Chef's GPS malfunction. More pain.

Seester: in the mail.

Mr. Clio said...

Pins are a big hit with the young Clios, Chef.

Also, I can confirm that you imbibed from Dr. Morris's flask of Absolut New Orleans.

Not that Dr. Morris would bring anything like that into the Dome.

Ashley said...

Nor would Dr. Morris fire up a Cuban cigar in the 4th quarter while still in his seat during an especially pathetic loss to the Rams. No. Not him.

Kooky Kajun said...

Hey Chef:

Kooky Kajun here. I forgot to send you a light app before the main feast. How about a little Nick and Trent Cole slaw? Should be delicious with the Reno Mahe Mahi don't you think?