Sunday, January 28, 2007

Cafe 641 Profile #2: The CAFE 641 Cocktail Chef

*** NOTE: Second in a series of Cafe 641 bare-all, expose profiles that allows Chef to e-hibernate this off season with a clear conscience.

Widely known throughout the Cafe for her GPS precision in locating every wine and cocktail vendor inside the Dome and for a thriving hair design business in Mid City, this enthusiastic Who Dat inspired the Diva in all of us.

Here's the highlights:

* Game 1: The CAFE 641 Cocktail Chef (a.k.a. Diva Vidrine) sets the "We are Family" vibe that dominates Section 641 all season long. Turning to all of Row 42, she announces, "We are Who Dats. We will endure each other."

*Early in the season, Cocktail Chef takes sole responsibility for monitoring the foul language uttered by Cafe Who Dats in the presence of children. "Chef! Check yo self! Your children are present!"

* Miracle Monday, sometime amidst celebration following Steve Gleason's blocked punt. Chef Who Dat lowers an accidental bony elbow upon the unexpecting head of Diva Vidrine. Stunned and possibly knocked unconscious for a second, she recovers quickly, accepts Chef's apology, and proceeds with her celebrating.

* Outside the Superdome, before Tampa Bay game. Chef spots Diva Vidrine already clutching a full Bloody Mary. Chef insists she also take a Guinness off his hand. Absolutely no resistance. Saints win.

* Diva Vidrine transforms into the CAFE 641 Cocktail Chef late in the season. In final home games, she begins plans for an exclusive Who Dat Cocktail menu to be unveiled for playoff games. Payton's Playoff Punch, made with New Orleans Rum Reggie Rum and Deuce Juice, becomes the Cafe's official playoff drink. *** NOTE: Cafe Who Dats were also authorized to take brief snorts from the flask of Jack Daniels that Nacho Libre regularly smuggled in on his upper thigh.

* The CAFE 641 Cocktail Chef thinks of everything. She distributes Who Dat Pills at playoff game, complete with the following directions: Take one black and one gold, 3x per day for excitement, hope, and increased Saints fever. Side Effects: May cause heart palpitations each time you hear the words "Saints," "Playoffs," and "Superbowl" in the same sentence; May cause strong urges to wear BLACK and GOLD every day; May experience increased appetites for football stats and rankings of playoff teams; May cause unexpected outbursts of WHO DAT or GO SAINTS several times a day; May cause you to have dreams of Buddy D in a dress at the Superbowl game.

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Michelle said...

Never met her, but she sounds like my kind of gal! Viva le Cocktail Chef!!!

dillyberto said...

Did she give SupaSaint the magic red tonic in the video?

The Cocktail said...

Hello, My name is Steven Kowalczuk and I am "The Cocktail Chef". The name "The Cocktail Chef" is a registered and trademarked name that is the property of Steven Kowalczuk & Angelina Sarantis. My attorney has been informed and you now have a chance to change your name, discontinue use of the name, or continue to use the name and have criminal charges brought against you. We are fully prepared to take this issue to court. Seeing that you do not own the name (because we own it by law) you are not permitted to continue using "The Cocktail Chef". THIS IS A PRIORITY ISSUE. I WILL BE CHECKING BACK TO MAKE SURE YOU HAVE COMPLIED WITH THIS REQUEST. Please feel free to visit THE "ORIGINAL" COCKTAIL CHEF @