Monday, January 08, 2007

A Who Dat Coloring Contest

Imagine Chef’s surprise when he found this uncanny likeness of himself posted on the internet this weekend.

Chef always makes a point of cooking for Who Dats of all shapes, sizes, and ages . . . so maybe he should’ve expected to see a budding Michalopoulos sketching his image. Let’s see, eight home games this season meant a distribution of 20-25 Café 641 Golden Spoons, and Chef counts at least 10 going to the kiddie set. Yeah, that should generate at least one Chef Who Dat crayola sketch on a refrigerator somewhere along the Gulf Coast.

Okay, now to the important stuff. Chef is looking to generate a little artwork for the Café’s playoff menu and announces a Who Dat Coloring Contest to commence immediately and end Friday, January 12.

Ask your mom first, and then grab your watercolors, your colored pencils, your markers, your crayolas, your charcoals, and get to work. The Contest is open to any Who Dat theme, including team owners, beer vendors, images of Saints victory, images of dejected Eagles fans, and portraits of Rita Benson LeBlanc (your welcome, Row 41, Seat 8).

Post entries here – if that’s possible. Or direct me to a suitable site or e-mail address to collect the images.

*** Submission of artwork indicates willingness for Chef to transfer profit of all proceeds to his charitable organization, Sisters of the Blessed Dome Foam, Inc.

First submission comes from Super Saint Girl . . . Notice the pink "eye black," red mustache, two golden spoons, and floating fleur de lis.

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