Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Thank You, Boys

When Chef finally turned the family-mobile around just blocks away from Interstate 10 on Sunday night after our Super Bowl run ended, he couldn’t have felt much worse. It was raining, turning cold, and WWL announced the Saints flight out of Chicago was delayed. Chef decided maybe it was time to head back home and tuck the kids into bed.

"Win or lose. We’ll be at the airport to say thank you."

That’s what we were saying at 7:45 a.m. on Sunday. By 9:45 p.m., though, the kids looked rough--still awake and desperate for an airport run—and Chef’s parental instinct kicked in for the first time since early September. So Chef missed his chance.

But crazy thanks go to the thousands who turned the little Kenner runway into a proper Who Dat finale.

Thanks to the Times-Picayune for realizing emotional catharsis is newsworthy.

Thanks to the Upper Terrace, Café 641 in particular, for cookin’ it up all season.

Chef’s been considering an off-season web hibernation. All season, the inspiration has come from the steam that rises to the top of the Dome. And now that we’ve got another 5-6 months to shop for lip hair pieces and golden spoons, Chef thinks it’s time to sign off until training camp.

But not before a series of Café 641 profiles that pays homage to his closest family members. Look for the bare-all expose over the next few days that will reveal Section 641 in all its Who Dat glory.


saintseester said...

Just make sure you come back and don't dissappear into ether-oblivion.

Chef Who Dat said...

Will return with a culinary vengeance, slicing/dicing/poaching/flash frying/grilling/paneeing/sauteing/steaming/roasting/boiling & burning all opponents in our Saints' way.

Off-season to do list:
* fortify the lip hair glue
* pay off the ticket takers who frown upon entering Dome with 50 wooden spoons
* design 2007 Cafe 641 spoons
* hire Cafe 641 maitre de
* hire Cafe 641 bouncer
* save money for regular season trip for Chicago game

Michelle said...

See you at Festival International! Give us a holler and we'll break bread in the chef's honor!

My to-do list:

Plan sitters NOW to make appearances at next year's games!

Chef Who Dat said...

Yeah, viva the Who Dat soul of Lafayette! Hope to gather new Dome recipe ideas at the festival this year -- Chef had a Poupart dish vetoed in his test kitchen earlier this season -- can't remember what team/player it featured as key ingredient.