Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Front Page Spotlight on the Upper Terrace!

It didn't take Chef long to recognize his second home when he dropped the Times-Picayune on the breakfast table this morning. Top right corner, Section 641! Zoom in close and you'll see where all the magic happens!

Also noticed that Philly fans are desperate for tickets and the dreaded Green Legion plans a return trip to NOLA. They've marketed a Girls Gone Wild-style video from their earlier visit called "The Green Legion Invades New Orleans 2006." Some unlucky Who Dats will have the bad fortune of sitting next to 54 of these jackasses.

You might also remember from their earlier visit that they travel in packs as compensation for low testosterone levels. Chef recommends a run on rubber chickens at Mardi Gras supply stores. Chef experienced some success with this tactic earlier this season.

1 comment:

dillyberto said...

I chuckled heartily at that front page vision this morning.

I saw how empty and lifeless it looked.

I saw how crazy it'll be Saturday night.

especially with all of those spoons clanging all over 641