Friday, January 19, 2007

Da Bears? Da-licious!

Chef has made it very clear throughout the season that his kitchen is only open for Dome games. Solemn vows have been made to Café 641 patrons. Our bread must only be broken in the Upper Terrace.

Well, Who Dats . . . Chef is asking for a little slack this weekend as he considers a Big Game Menu of Bronzed Bear Loin, Baked Bear Beans, and yet another quarterback grillades dish: Grossman Grillades with (Cedric) Benson Bacon Grits.

Or, as Lil’ Reggie suggested on his way to school this week: “Hey, dad. How bout Bernard Berry Pie?” (Dude just upped his weekly allowance from one Golden Spoon to two!)

I’m hungry Who Dats. Throw the Chef a bone. I haven’t cooked up a proper Bear in years. Ya’ll already know how we roll with birds, gold diggers, and pirates. Ain’t it time, now? Don’t we need to cook up da Bears, Café 641 style?

Chef don’t like breaking vows inside or outside the Café. All I’m asking for is a little Who Dat understanding and the best Big Game recipes ya’ll can muster!


saintseester said...

Oooooh baby, I'm not sure about the breaking of football oaths. It could be bad voodoo, kind of like washing the lucky shirt as I did right before the first loss.

Chef Who Dat said...

Yeah, you probably right seester. So, I may leave the actual menu out of it -- which was the vow part -- and focus on what part of Queen Rex's body is most susceptible to roux.

Have good trip back to NOLA for the Super Bowl viewing.

Also, just remembered, you cooking up big for Sunday, too, yes? No rule against Saintseester renaming her dishes to demoralize da Bears.

saintseester said...


How about "Deuce is going to kick your tails" Crawfish pie and "Hot Brees" Etouffee, with just a cup o' Slap Yo Momma, cause the Saints is comin' to your town, Gumbo.

Michelle said...

I have no such vows. We will be cooking up some T-Rex gumbo for my dino-loving three-year-old!

dillyberto said...

No sleep 'till tomorrow.

The Eagles game = Christmas Eve

The Bears game = New Year's Eve

The Super Bowl = Mardi Gras

Menus might reflect such.
Bears game Black Eyed Peas, Cabbage, corned beef, etc.

Mr. Clio said...

This ain't about destiny and voodoo. This is about skill, attention to detail,and focus.

You da man, Chef.

Chef Who Dat said...

Just got a call from my daddy on the telephone . . .


dillyberto said...

I am still dining on ashes. today says, "I am looking forward to more seasons from this admirable and exciting bunch of guys"

That goes a long way to getting over the anxiety of weather, referees, no running attempts, and a loss.

One thing we have over many other teams: a solid coach.

Of this we can have FAITH.