Friday, January 12, 2007

Playoff Feast Countdown

This is it, Who Dats. Chef is finished with gameday preparations.

Last item on checklist was the purchase and preparation of a case of Golden Spoons for the entire Chef's Table in the upper rows of Cafe 641 (see Chef's back pocket on left).

Staff has been hired. Menus have been printed. Eagle eggs have been deviled. Spoons have been bronzed. Rubber chicken has been painted green. Leidenheimer's french loaf has been baked. Groin injury has been nursed. Eye black supply has been replenished. Mustache has been adhered.

Who wants it more? The Who Dat
Who needs it more? The Who Dat
Who works harder for it? The Who Dat
Who will savor it longer? The Who Dat

Who will have it? The Who Dat

1 comment:

dilly and berto said...

We will be there to give you props, honorable chef. Our golden jumpsuits are freshly pressed.