Friday, January 05, 2007

Back in (Eye) Black: Horn Re-Attaches Groin Muscle

Like his gameday hero, Hollywood Joe Horn (a.k.a. Rested Tendergroin; Joe Top Shelf Hornitos; Joe “Can You Hear Me Now” Horn), Chef feels well rested at the end of this playoff bye week.

That means a new tube of eye black for this weekend’s playoff opponent viewing parties. And ya’ll know Joe’s got an entire case of eye black ready for next weekend’s playoff smack down!

Chef likes Joe’s media comments this week. Chef thinks Joe shows character and excellent body awareness. Joe knows the score:

“When you can win one football game, and you’re playing for the NFC Championship . . . for the SAINTS, after all we’ve been through, all these years. Man, I wouldn’t miss it for the world. Even if I got out there and was ripping my groin muscle off the bone, that’s what would happen. That’s what I would want to do.”

Ya’ll heard that, Who Dats?!!! No more excuses. Take a cue from Joe and a New Year’s resolution from Uptown Who Dat Extraordinaire, Dillyberto: More eye black.

Don’t stop til ya get enough!

Repeat after Chef: Apply and smear . . . apply and smear . . . apply and smear.

Random, sudden moment of Who Datspiration: any reason for some white Café Press t-shirts with a gold 87 and “Horn” on the back and a “Back in (Eye) Black” message on front?


berto said...


This is effective leadership.

Someone send him to City Hall.

Chef Who Dat said...

Yessir! Can you imagine how city service, FEMA, and general recovery negotiations would happen under Mayor Joe Horn?

"I'm sorry Mr. Mayor, we won't be able to meet that last request for $50 million you've itemized on the latest project worksheets to repair public schools. It stretches us a little thin on our budget allocations."

"Stretches?!!! What you mean, "stretches?!!" We don't roll like that muthafucka!

Tell me when our latest project worksheet request RIPS your budget allocations OFF the BONE. Then we'll talk.

You are no longer welcome in my city. Good day, sir."

saintseester said...

Go vote for Payton coach of the year:

That Mangini guy has pulled out to the lead.