Thursday, January 04, 2007

Cafe 641's Playoff Cocktail Menu

After careful observation (and occasional participation) in the heavy Dome Foam consumption that happens every Saints home game in the Upper Terrace, Chef has decided that a Cafe 641 Playoff Cocktail Menu is in order. And because Chef's skills are limited to kitchens and grills, we're in need of a Cafe 641 Mixologist.

(Don't worry diehard Who Dats. Gameday food will appear on the menu too. We'll still be roasting the Saints TBD playoff opponent).

Chef has been watching your behavior closely, Cafe 641. I've seen the ankle flask swig of Jack Daniels from Nacho Libre, the double fisted dose of Bud Light from Proud Mary, and the aftermath of a Section 640 Who Dat who drank too much and wandered into the Cafe.

After careful deliberation, Chef offered the the Cafe 641 Mixologist position last week to Diva Vidrine.

The Diva first caught Chef's eye with her flashy boa on Miracle Monday coupled with repeated glasses of red wine. The next week, Chef was impressed by the Diva's cocktail diversity: sipping Bloody Marys on the way up the Superdome ramp, even while accepting a pint of Guinness from a passerby. She's been honored with repeated Golden Spoons, penned the very funny "Sing a Song of Six Wins," and dons very chic Who Dat attire.

Congrats Diva Vidrine! We're looking forward to your playoff mixology skillz!

Feel free to post drink suggestions here for our new Cafe 641 Mixologist. She hints at a cocktail menu that features only our Saints!


saintseester said...

Slam Down Sunrise, please.

Mark said...


brianthesnarkylinecook said...

Make mine a Fujitarita, please.