Friday, December 29, 2006

Lip Hair Legends

Enough time has lapsed in the 2006 Saints season for Chef to come straight. I'm a truth teller, after all.

The mustache is an appliqué.

Chef realizes this comes as a great shock to many in Café 641. And he appreciates the love he’s received from those who noticed the careful grooming and innovative coloring that goes into that swab of facial hair.

But Chef also believes that Who Dats deserve the truth. And the truth is, Chef hasn’t been able to grow large amounts of facial hair upwards of his upper lip since an unfortunate puberty-related incident that occurred when he was 13.

(Apparently, the product he used was not as seen on television and not intended for facial use.)

So here’s the truth: Chef’s 2006 mustache is courtesy of the fine costumers on Magazine Street near Napoleon, a few doors down from Ms. Mae’s.

This one don’t look like it’s got much life left in it, so Chef’s decided to request its enshrinement in the Who Dat Lip Hair Hall of Fame.

That means a new stache for the Carolina game and playoff run.

Chef welcomes styling suggestions for the new lip piece, and suggestions of other Saints’ mustaches of hall of fame caliber.


Michelle said...

Yes, it looks like fresh lip hair is a must for this week. No style suggestions. Just don't drop any in this week's entree!

dillyberto said...

I thought that would be tough to have on one's face every day and maintain.

dillyberto said...

Happy New Year to the Chef & Family

Mr. Clio said...

The Who Dat Lip Hair Hall of Fame?

Let's see...that would also include Brian Milne's, Hoby Brenner's, Michale Lewis's . . .

Who else?

Mark said...


I can’t tell you how much we cherish our golden spoons, we certainly are not worthy of this honor. They were the envy of everyone we encountered on new years, even after our second string loss.

One cocktail recipe that might work on the cocktail menu: Bushwacker [insert witty comment here]

Much Respect,
Mark and Kristin

Chef Who Dat said...

M & K, ya'll deserved to be spooned. Or to spoon. Or a proper spooning.