Thursday, December 28, 2006

Let Me See Your Grill!

It’s been almost 16 months since Chef lost his custom Who Dat grill to the floodwaters of Katrina in his Lakeview home. After finding its remains in the muck of his back patio last October, Chef swore he’d never fire up a gas grill again.

Sous Chef lost his prized cooking station too, and he quickly swore off outdoor cooking for life.

Flash forward to Christmas morning 2006, and Mrs. Chef continues to amaze.

A joint gift to Chef and Sous Chef: the Weber Genesis Platinum series!

Chef doesn’t even know if he can handle the platinum – might be too much bling. But in the spirit of this very Who Dat Christmas, he pledges to give it a go, especially if Chef and family get back in the house for a Who Dat Super Bowl party in late January.

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dillyberto said...

That's rebuilding Our City:

not just replacing - reworking it so it is better!