Thursday, December 28, 2006

A Place to Put Your Nuts

Another note from Chef’s Who Dat Christmas . . .

Chef thanks the family for what on first glance appeared to be a simple ceramic New Orleans Saints bowl. “Thanks, baby. Thanks, kids. I needed a . . . uh . . . another . . . er . . . bowl.”

“It ain’t a bowl, Chef,” the Mrs. corrected. “It’s a place to put your nuts.”


Anonymous said...

Maybe it's not a place to put your nuts - but a symbol.

It really is a bowl - a super bowl for the nuts of N'awlins.

Cook on Chef

Chef Who Dat said...

Symbolism . . . Yes, I like it! Mrs. Chef is genius, as you are, loyal Who Dat. Without actually speaking the manifest destiny of our Black and Gold, she suggests it.

One more question: what does it mean that she wrapped a tin of chipotle-flavored, roasted peanuts to go along with the bowl?