Saturday, December 09, 2006

Let's Go Crazy

Still don't know how to behave after Saints victories? Take a cue from Chef and these fine Who Dats to the left captured on the exit ramps somewhere near Gate D after our flattening of the 49ers.

Listen carefully and you'll hear the gentle rhythms of Prince's "Let's Go Crazy" rockin' the box. Then watch how Who Dats roll.

Take notice Cowboys, Redskins, Giants, Panthers. With the help of Cafe 641, inspiration from the Who Dat Darth Vader krewe, and inspiration from the only Green Wave fan I'll admit to being friends with . . . Chef Who Dat will introduce the latest Upper Terrace dance craze on December 17: The Cafe Sway.


Mark C said...

Hey Chef,

I got a dish. Let’s teach the nation’s capital a little bit about our Indian culture. Our spy boy is gonna set their flag on fire. Hey now!

Spy Boy Colston’s (or Karney’s, or...) Drapeau Flambeau
Served by the bayou

Mark C.

berto said...

Hey Chef,

What goes into a beat down souffle?

We puzzled last evening over what was on the menu.

A seared tuna...

Romo's spicy ribs...

saintseester said...

Blackened Tuna Souffle

saintseester said...

Next week, Campbell's chunky gumbo, with a dash of clinch file.

Chef Who Dat said...

Chef blushes at the Who Dat love! Nice work.

Actually dilly b., the Beat Down Souffle resembles the photo you posted this morning. Let's be honest, it ain't pretty to look at, but it tastes damn good!

Mark C, Spy Boy Colston/Karney . . . 2for2 on makin' the menu . . . I smell Golden Spoon nominations

Chef agrees that we must get in Campbell's head, if only because his last name makes it too easy.