Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Offspring Curse Broken

Chef does not believe in gris gris, mojo, or that sort of thing. That’s why . . .

. . . Chef did NOT buy a dozen roses the night before the LSU Tigers were denied a New Years Day Rose Bowl appearance.

. . . Chef does NOT wear the same white undershirt before every Saints home game.

. . . Chef’s children are NOT forced to wear eye black while watching away games on TV.

. . . Chef’s son was NOT told that he would never set foot in the Dome if he ever said he was rooting for San Francisco on a Saints-49ers gameday.

. . . Chef does NOT find one deserving Who Dat to give away a free beer to on his walk up the Dome ramp on home games.

. . . Chef did NOT consider leaving his youngest son at home for the 49ers game after the Saints two-game home losing streak coincided with Chef previously bringing his other son and daughter to the Dome.

Chef does NOT roll like that.

Still Chef feels a helluva lot better now that son Sous Chef (pictured above) got the monkey off his back by breaking that Offspring Curse on Sunday against the 49ers.

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