Monday, December 04, 2006

Baby Matrix Stops Time . . . Benson Freezes Tickets

Could it be that PawPaw Benson is hitting the sauce before home games? Or, like all Who Dats inside and outside the Dome on Sunday, did Benson freak out after Saint Reggie’s team record-tying fourth touchdown against the 49ers? In either case, the Bush that loves NOLA and the Bush that NOLA loves back must have had some magical effect on Tom Benson.

In what seemed to be a pre-planned publicity op, Grinch Benson broke from the script during a timeout public address speech to the fans. He took the mic from granddaughter Rita Benson LeBlanc (some in Café 641, by the way, have an unhealthy attraction to Ms. Rita) and told us the Saints are freezing season ticket prices for the 2007 season.

Section 641 Who Dats immediately made a sacred vow to renew tickets together, en masse. In Row 41, Chef overhead two Who Dats promising to name their next born kin Cool Brees, Deuce-Upside-Your-Head, or McKenzie.

In the photo above, witness two Who Dats caught in the Café 641 time warp that occurred when Reggie “Baby Matrix” Bush scored his fourth touchdown and Ebeneezer Benson froze ticket prices.

To renew season tickets for 2007, go to the Saints site. To make the sacred vow to renew in Cafe 641, see Chef Who Dat at the Redskins game.

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