Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Meat and Potatoes

It's back to the basics time, Cafe 641. I think we all realize what's happened thus far for our Black and Gold. But, for a quick refresher, here goes:

1. We experienced Miracle Monday. Our lives were changed forever.

2. Our Saints went 5-1 to open the season.

3. Our Saints lost 3 of the next 4 games. We experienced occasional flashbacks to almost every Saints team prior to this one.

4. Our Saints flamed the Falcons 31-13. WGNO-ABC's Adam Norris uses Chef lingo to introduce his Sunday night highlights: "The Saints dine on Falcon Wings with a side of Squeezed Quarterback. . . ." (Okay, Adam neither asked for permission nor did he fairly represent something Chef would actually say. It's Blackened Falcon with Dirtybird Rice, Adam!)

5. At 7-4, the Saints sit awfully close to division title and legitimate playoff run.

Go back to #5, and take that in for a moment.

Okay, now consider how all this has affected our emotions up at the top of the Dome. We already are starved for oxygen in the Upper Terrace, the Dome Foam sells out faster here than anywhere else, and we regularly whip ourselves into frenzies over small 3-yard runs. I suspect we started to get a little demanding of our Black and Gold. Win. Win big. Win every game.

Hell, Chef himself painted his mustache gold and started monogramming his hat! If that ain't getting away from the basics, then I don't know what it is. Anytime Chef looks/sounds more like Terrell Owens or Chad Johnson than the meat-and-potatoes cook that he is, we have problems.

So it's back to the basics, Who Dats. Cafe 641 reopens on Sunday against the 49ers. We'll be serving Meat-and-Potatoes themed dishes. We're talking ground beef (Sourdough Sam Burgers?). We'll be dishing out one golden spoon to a fan from the Cafe who risked the ever-present Superdome security staff to rep his family. We'll be breaking good ol' fashioned Leidenheimer's french bread.

We'll be cooking up a NFC win.


Big__Shot said...

I love this site. Chef Who Dat, the Mrs. and I have been invited to attend a christmas party cookie exchange this Sunday. Don't worry, it doesn't start until after the Saints-49ers game. What kind of cookies are appropriate for a Saints Sunday Christmas party such as this?

Chef Who Dat said...

Dear Mr. Big Shot,

While Chef doesn't typically recommend mixing social events on Saints Sundays, he's encouraged by your assurance that the Christmas cookie exchange will occur after the slow roast of San Francisco by our black and gold.

If we're talking cookie exchange and Saints-San Fran, then color is of particular importance. In Cafe 641, we've experimented with a Black and Gold bagel, appropriately called the Bengal Bagel for last home game, but that didn't go over so well.

Chef's going out on a limb here, and recommending Melted San Fran Gold Bars (which is what our defense will do to Frank Gore's running options on Sunday). Try this recipe . . .(http://www.christmas-cookies.com/recipes/recipe481.caramelcandybars.html)
but drizzle melted caramels over the top instead.

Better yet, melt some caramel candies, place in individual ziploc bags, throw a Melted San Fran Gold Bar, 1 oz. label on each, and make a very quick cookie exchange with friends.

Big__Shot said...

Thanks, CWD!

mark c said...

Authentic Fisherman's Wharf Sea Lion Steaks - Surf n' Turf All in One Dish

Chef Who Dat said...

Surf and Turf. Got it. Congrats. You made the game day menu. Please advise on seat location for hand delivery of menu.

Anonymous said...

Chef, sorry we could not make it to the game this sunday due to an inconsiderate scheduling of wedding in baton rouge.

We were looking forward to witnessing the embarrassment of the annoying yuppie 49ers fans, as we lived in San Francisco for 6 years prior to returning to the gret state.

The excitement of making the menu does ease the pain a bit.

Mark (and Kristin) C.
641 Seats 3 & 4

Anonymous said...

Whoops, forgot the row #.
641 seats 3-4, row 43 (last)

Mark C.

saintseester said...

Meat and potatoes, going to the running game. Reggie - 4 TDs, dat's some SWEET POTATOES.

Chef Who Dat said...

Mark and Kristin C.,

Sorry you missed the spectacular yesterday, but I'll look for ya in the Cafe in two weeks. I know who you guys are.

Perhaps most significant is the the family decision made by Cafe 641 Who Dats that we need to be in this together next year too. After Old Man Benson said he was freezing season ticket prices for 2007, there was a quick ceremony/profession of faith in which our section's top rows vowed to re-purchase in the same section, same seats. You in?

Chef Who Dat said...


So good. Sweet potatoes. Storing it away in game day recipe box, along with Jason Craft Macaroni and Cheese, which a Cafe 641 Who Dat screamed after a timely pass break up on Sunday.

mark c. said...

We’re in. Climbing up to Cafe 641 is the only exercise I actually get these days.

MBTシューズ said...