Monday, November 13, 2006

Mild Concussion . . . Status: Probable

Chef’s response to John Carney’s miss from 32 yards out? See photo. A mild concussion after repeated strikes to the head with the same hand on which he wears his wedding band.

(To relive this moment along with Chef, think about your most frustrating moment from this afternoon’s nail-biter in Pittsburgh, then as hard/fast as you can, throw your hands up to your forehead in a “NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!” gesture. Be careful of hand jewelry.)

No complaints here on the Saints at 6-3. I’m not being too sunny cuz we ain’t happy in Café 641. And there’s still a chance for more head injuries later tonight when the reality of three turnovers fully sink in. Still, the Saints are 6-3. Take away three very real, very costly turnovers, and we’re 7-2. No matter what you do, we have a 1-game lead on the Filthy Falcons. And Chef eats bird like it’s candy.

Chef’s head wound already cleared for next Sunday against the Cincinnati Kittens. Get to the Upper Terrace and Section 641 early if you want to catch the Golden Spoon Award ceremony.

Chef’s got a busy week with a mid-week travel date to San Antonio, where I’ll be sure to piss in the Riverwalk and let the mayor know how much we appreciate his hospitality in 2005. Hey, S.A. . . . Cha-Ching!!!

Early menu suggestions are appreciated this week. This Sunday’s secret ingredient is . . . (drum roll, please) . . . CAT. (see last week’s post)

C’mon Who Dats! A little Ocho Cinco Soup? Carson Palmer Puddding? Feline Fettucini? Bring cat, will cook it.

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