Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Joe Horn: On the Virtues of Eye Black

Already tired of the Joe Horn golf sightings and the "Reggie ain't what he's supposed to be" chatter . . . so I've personally moved on to far more important topics. Eye Black.

Here's what Joe Horn tells us on the subject:
* Wear eye black at all times, home games, road games, golf games.
* Don't substitute the custom stuff for the real thing.
* Don't let your children watch the Saints without eye black.
* Don't attend Sunday mass without eye black.
* Don't eat eye black.
* Don't sit in the Upper Terrace without eye black (the Dome's new Energy Star bulbs have a killer glare).
* Don't limit your eye black to one stripe per eye -- work it in. Or better yet, find a lineman to slap your face a few times to smear it in.


saintseester said...

Don't let our kids watch the Saints without Eye Black? damn... We are getting to see them up here in North AL due to the late game time tomorrow. I better run to the store.

salty said...

I ran into a door-knob, twice. That seemed to do the trick :)

Chef Who Dat said...

At least we have head wounds in common with Pittsburg defensive backs.

ナイキスニーカー said...