Sunday, November 05, 2006

Saint Reggie's Pre-Game Mass

Because we're still another two months from getting back into our house and because lil' Reggie makes his first communion this year, we've been attending mass at St. Stephen's on Napoleon on Sunday mornings on away games. Even with all five of us, we ain't so obvious: the twins with matching grey/black Saints t-shirts; lil' Reggie in uniform; wife in "A Woman's Place is in the Dome" shirt; me . . . well I like to keep it incognito.

Still you'd think the priest, a loaner from Portland, Oregon, would give us a little Who Dat at the Sign of Peace. We got more love from the battered Eagles fans staggering out of the Dome a few weeks ago. Nevermind, we like to roll down the windows at the corner of Napoleon and St. Charles on the way home, and give a loud "Who Dat" to the Fat Harry's early crowd.

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