Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Kitty Litter

Chef's the first to admit that the Cafe's "Here Kitty, Kitty" menu didn't slow down Ocho Cinco enough in the 4th quarter. Maybe that's because we had too much going on in Section 641. Maybe our menu overwhelmed even our red zone offense. Maybe Chef shoulda stopped at passing out menus. Maybe there was too much eye black. Maybe Bengal Bagels were too hard to digest. Maybe the connection between Cheetos and the Bengals was too vague. Maybe the Harley biker who threatened to kick Chef's ass after a friendly fire Cheetos strike weakened our morale.

It's hard to say, really. It all makes Chef want to find a nice quiet corner with a litter box and cover up the poo that was the Saints on Sunday against Cincinnati.

But Chef has a strong feeling -- call it kitchen karma -- that the Who Dats are comin' back strong against the Dirty Birds! We all know about the potency of our offense and the potential of our three-and-out defense. But we also have the FAITH of the Who Dat fans!

Need evidence? Here's some highlights from Sunday in the Dome:

Section 641, Row 15: Straggler Bengal fans too overwhelmed by Chef's generosity. Actually accept and eat a carton of cat treats.

Section 641, Row 42: Ms. Mid City orchestrates the production of Bengal Bagels, a Black and Gold bagel force fed to opposing fans.

Section 641, behind Row 43: Chef Who Dat welcomes Mr. Clio and Dillyberto to Cafe 641. The olive branch is extended from Who Dats in Section 635 to the Roofbangers in 641. Pandemonium erupts.

Section 641, Rows 41 and 42: Golden Spoon Award winners Jacob, Proud Mary, and Ms. Mid City "cook up" a three-and-out on defense and Mark Simoneau's endzone interception of Pretty Boy Palmer.

Section 641, Row 40: The Cat Burgular slips past security and nabs the prize of the game: the 641 banner that will be transformed into signage for Cafe 641 Who Dats for the remainder of the season.

Section 641, Rows 20-42: The "Here Kitty, Kitty" Menu, featuring culinary innovations such as the Mangled Bengal Burger and Hearts of Palmer salad, are snatched up by hungry Who Dats.


dillyberto said...

Happy Thanksgiving.

Chef Who Dat said...

Thanks Mr. d-berto. Happy Turkey Day to you and yours as well. Amazing how a few days out of Who Dat mustache bring back the optimism. Already churning with 49ers menu items.

My optimism may also be connected to the Fightin' Tigers, Chef's alma mater, where I was once dragged out of Middleton Library in the Quad on a Saturday morning after missing a tailgate deadline.

See ya'll on Dec. 3.

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