Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Top Chef Challenge

In a rare break from tradition, Chef is opening his call for Sunday menu suggestions to Who Dats with seats outside of Cafe 641. In preparation for a season-defining defensive display, a break-out game from Joe Horn, and 100 yards rushing from Saint Reggie, I'm working on a cat-themed menu.

Calling on all Who Dats to think outside the dome foam on this one. When you think Bengals, what culinary masterpieces come to mind? When I say "Houzmandazeh" what appetizer do you think of? If you were a cat, how would you like to be cooked?

Bring your best. Remember, Winning is an Attitude!


brianthesnarkylinecook said...

Gee, Chef, cat's got a storied culinary history, but I think it's kind of out fashion these days what with the Mad Cat scare in Bruma a couple years ago. But, for the sake of a Big Cat throwdown, howbout we revive some classics: Bengal Tenderloin Bearnaise, Tiger Paw Tartare, Big Cat Boudin Hairballs, Slap-Your-Mama Spicy Stripe Salsa and, well, did I hear someone say CHEETOS?!?!

Anonymous said...

I come from a large metropolitan region in Texas. Thus, we have a lot of cats. Even thusser, I have dug my magic fork in many a plate of cats prepared in various ways. It should be noted that housecat tastes far superior to street cat, due to the net weight of the edible portions thereof. As somewhat of a connoisseur, I must say that the only part of a cat worth eating is in or around its ass. It's a little bit like crab claws or other crustaceans: you have to work for it. But the payoff? Melts in yo mouth Fool! I suggest preparing them as you would a lamb shank, sauteed in garlic and olive oil, or marinated for 24 hours in the liquids of your choice and then grilled over a low fire, continually basting with said marinade. Pair it with some potato product and some tight beer or wine, and you have got yourself a Catbutt Partay!! Booyah!

Rob Petitti sucks.

Anonymous said...

"more that one way to skin a cat" cracklins