Thursday, December 28, 2006

Notes from the North Pole

Chef got a text message from Santa Claus on Christmas Eve, asking for gift ideas for the kiddie set that sits in the Upper Terrace, Section 641. Seems that word got back to St. Nick that Chef and the Café 641 family were showing all kinds of seasonal spirit to the lil’ Who Dats sitting in our section during the Redskins game.

Chef appreciated the courtesy message, but didn’t know how to reply. Doesn’t S.C. know that those lil’ Who Dats already received the rare Golden Spoon award for their rowdy, non-stop “Deuce Upside Your Head” chants? I know it’s tough to buy for kids, Santa, but Chef thinks these lil’ Who Dats really just want a Super Bowl for Christmas.

Guess Santa got Chef’s text reply . . . Saints 30 Giants 7 . . . Eagles 23 Cowboys 7.

Thanks, Big Man.

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