Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Twas the Night before Who Dat . . .

Seasons greetings, Who Dats. This special message comes from our anonymous Upper Terrace relatives in Section 640. Much love from the Chef, 640. Ya'll warm Chef's heart.

Twas the night before WHO DAT when all through the south
Only screams could be heard from Eli Mannings’s mouth.

The Saints played superior and it was not fair.
A game that was perfect enough to frighten the Bears.

The Giants were beaten and now are in the red,
While visions of Super Bowl danced in Benson’s head.

Payton in his visor, and Gibbs in his white cap
Had just called a defense sure to produce a sack,

When out on the field there arose such a clatter
Fujita sprang from the bench to see what was the matter.

Straight to the quarterback, Will Smith flew like a flash
Right through the line and put ELI on his ass!

The ball came out and what do ya know?
It ends up in the hands of number ninety-fo!

Grant rumbled and stumbled into the End Zone
To help came on Carney for a point of his own.

A trip to the Super Bowl is better than a check from FEMA.
Finally everyone can try to forget Katrina!

Relocated, flooded, and put to shame
The Saints have recovered and brought back WHO DAT fame!

"It was Bush, and Colston, Horn, and Brees too.
And don’t forget that boy Devery who played at LSU!

The crowd came together with one big cheer from all…

--- From the noisy Who Dats in the Upper Terrace, Section 640


Chef Who Dat said...

Here's another Who Dat gift, this one from the fine folks at the Who Dat Zone:

saintseester said...

Sniff - I love Christmas.

brianthesnarkylinecook said...

You right, Chef, this beautiful bowl of literary gumbo deserves elevation from lowly comment status to the glory of a full-fledged post. Much love and Merry Christmas to all the Whodats out there in Whodatville.

dillyberto said...

number ninety fo!!!!!!!!!

who dat, babyyyy

I decided to lay off the eye black for Chirstmas mass

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