Monday, December 03, 2007


During his steep climb to the top of Cafe 641 on Sunday, Chef received a small packet of Vitamin C from a Upper Terrace regular who noticed Chef's heavy breathing. The Mrs. (The Entity herself) told him never to take candy from strangers, but Chef popped all three of those orange smiling pills at halftime just to spite her.

Then things got all woozie-like.

Chef remembers a menu meet-and-greet with the always spirited Dilly and brother Berto, as well as a pleasant first-time meeting with Oyster's wife. He vaguely recalls handing over a Dead Pirate Poboy to Berto. He thought he saw a gleaming gold on black spoon in Dilly's hands. But then nothing but haze.

Chef may have attempted the Who Dat move pictured above alongside the legendary Nacho Libre. Apparently, it's called the Dirty Dog and involves upper body strength, agility, keen balance, and shoes with serious traction. He doesn't remember much after going airborne in the Dirty Dog posture with three minutes left in the game.

A little help. Anybody see how this one ended?

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Mr. Clio said...

Wish I could help with memory, Chef, but apparently my vocabulary after the game was decidedly NC-17 rated. It was a long bike ride home. After I visited you, I (for some reason) imbibed a Dome frozen hurricane, which I've never done before.

Angry chaos ensued. Thankfully, no Clio kids were in the Dome this time.