Monday, January 18, 2010

A Chef in Love

More on an intimate moment with Joe Horn that referenced emotions about the federal flood and groin jerky all in the same sentence, followed by repeated hospitable exchanges with Alex, the fiance of Beanie Wells, later. But right now, the entire world needs to know . . .

. . . I love this woman. She's shybe.


Anonymous said...

I wish I could be there this week. Damned season ticket waiting list. Yell loud for us Chef. That Dallas game was disappointing but we still yelled with all we had from sec 609. But, I never question our coach. He knows way more about football than I do. And I can hold my own pretty well. If we complete the return to Miami, I will be supporting Buddy D's bet up here in Shreveport. Even though he was a damned tiger fan. Roll Wave - Geaux Saints.

Oh, and like magic, this coin came in the mail not long before the game started Saturday. Maybe it is luck.

Who Dat Sam

Chef Who Dat said...

Hold it down in Shreve-city, Who Dat Sam. Details coming soon on how the Cafe is fulfilling Buddy's promise.