Friday, January 29, 2010

NFL to Archdiocese of New Orleans: "Cease & desist all reference to Saints"

I don't know what all the fussin' is about. Really. Listen carefully to what Roger's crack legal team is saying, and you'll learn something about yourself.

When Brian "The Scrote" McCarthy says, “We have enforced our rights in the mark Who Dat against companies that were making attempts to trade off the Saints’ goodwill and mislead fans to mistakenly believe the Saints were somehow affiliated or endorsed the product,” he reminds you that you would never buy merchandise if you didn't know it was properly endorsed. I mean, seriously, who wears independent, locally-owned gear? That's just tacky. And, thankfully, now illegal.

Listen even more carefully, and you'll start to feel a lot better. When the NFL says, "any combination of design elements (even if not the subject of a federal or state trademark registration), such as team colors, roman numerals and other references to the Saints," they're just reminding you of how much they've already given to this city:

1. Before 1967, New Orleans had no connection with the term "Saints." In fact, the NFL gave us a rich Catholic tradition by anointing our professional football team with that name. Your mama mighta been Catholic, but did she really understand the meaning of All Saints Day until November 1, 1966? Chew on that when the second collection plate is passed on Sunday, and say a special prayer for Monsignor Goodell.

2. While you may have claimed a special connection to the ubiquitous fleur de lis ever since you departed your mama's womb, it was the appearance of the icon in black and gold on a football helmet that made you "Proud to Call It Home." Your welcome, New Orleans.

Me? I'm all down for copyrights, trademarks, and patents. You wanna see a copyright? I've got your copyright. Right. Here.


saintseester said...

Grumble. I hate it. I hate that all of a SUDDEN the NFL cares about this trademark. They ignored it for the past 40 years.

Michelle said...

That "mislead" part has been burning me up since I first read the statement. Really, how dare anyone buy local. Ever. I say we boycott farmer's markets next. That's teach those bastards to grow potatoes!!!

Matt Shields said...

check out this FB page. membership is growing by the minute!