Saturday, January 30, 2010

Morning Vitamins

Today concludes our week-long NFC Championship celebration. Cafe 641 recommends a morning dose of vitamins.

1. Start with a heart-felt read about a surfer kid.

2. Then brace yourself for this.

3. Finally, remember what the Upper Terrace looked like. And why you're blessed to call it family.

Tomorrow, it's Super Bowl week. Join us in prayer at the Buddy D. Dress Rehearsal & 'Stache Dash.


saintseester said...

Excellent round-up, as usual. Wish I could be there for the dash. But, I'm conserving my strength for the after-party.

Michelle said...

Have a blast tomorrow! I'll be cheering you all on from across the basin!

Chef Who Dat said...

Wish ya'll could join us. We'll converge on Buddy's Broads on Bourbon Street when we're finished.

Peter Falconer said...

Man I wish I could be there. Hope you had a great time.