Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Is Skol a Nordic Synonym for Stool?

Wang's archive gives us a concise breakdown of the Saints vs. Vikings.

We might also look to an analysis of tribute songs:

Thank god for Minneseauxta's proclivity for the electric guitar; otherwise we might never hear these pearls.

Who Dats have to settle for K. Gates, Dee-One, Shamarr Allen, Sick Like Sinatra, and Dappa.

Damn. We win. Again. Again. Again. Again. Again. Again. Again. Again. Again. Again.

Oh, yeah. The menu board is open. We'll be featuring an entire block of Favre specials, so lean heavy on those. Also requested are menu items for: Visagoth Shiancoe, Adrian Peterson, Sidney Rice, Bernard Berrian, Percy Harvin, Jared Allen, Pat Williams, Antoine Winfield, Ryan Longwell, Brad Childress.


Anonymous said...

Chef Who Dat in mainstream media

Michael Homan said...

Start off with a cocktail: A #69 Mullet, guaranteed to garner 3 DUI's

Percy Harvin's Headcheese

Adrian Peterson's pigskin turnovers: These pigs aren't wrapped in a blanket

Something about 10 Vikings playing in the pro bowl next week.

Smithy's Saints Break said...

Yo Chef! Were n route from Shteveport, where yall tailgaiing gametime? Shteveport 641 and crew passin pigs and other Saints fans in route to Dome!!!!!

Smithy's Saints Break said...

Nevermind, Quitman beat me to it, C yall sun, peace!

Chef Who Dat said...

Looking forward to the Shreve-city cafe patrons. Don't be scared to bring a little Bossier up to the Cafe.