Friday, January 15, 2010

Braising Arizona!


Wang said...

LOL @ Braising Arizona

That's cracking my ass up.

Anonymous said...

Chef you're on the front cover of the paper today!! Who dat!

Smithy's Saints Break said...

Chef Who Dat helped raise the roof, as always, for some tastly fried bir. My Shreveport clan and Quitman especially enjoyed the railing pushups pics, classic.

Shreveport 641 and wife will be in the HOUSE Sunday baby, yall keep bringing it!

Cant wait for the nordic style menu..


Justin aka "Shreveport 641"

Chef Who Dat said...

Shreveport 641, would you prefer a Vi-Queen lutefisk or Chester's Nordic Nuts?

Smithy's Saints Break said...

nutss baby, no brainer!