Thursday, August 09, 2007

Who Dat Costumery

Vince Vance (and the Black and Gold Patrol) remind us that gris gris is less important than Who Dat fashion.

What separates the common Who Dat from the Raider Nation, Dirty Bird, Cheesehead, or Hogettes? It's not just costumery, it's the level of commitment.

While our Black and Gold toil away at Milsaps in 110-degree heat indices, Who Dats across the Gulf Coast assemble their gameday fashion.

Need hair advice? Check with Vince Vance.

Need eye black instruction? Vince Vance.

Prop suggestions? V to the Vance.

When we return to the Dome Friday night, it's not a meaningless pre-season game. It's Who Dat training ground. Mid-season form is the product of two-a-day workout regimens, and if you ain't started yet, pop the top on a Michael Lewis Budweiser, step out onto your front porch and let loose a little "Who Dat."

Monday night noise won't happen if we don't EARN IT.


saintseester said...

I went to a Vince Vance and the Vs show in Houston, on concrete parking lot, in august, it was 100+. Coincidence?

Mr. Clio said...

Whoa. And I thought my jumpsuit was cheesy.

That's a big helping of bleu cheese topped with mozzarella, melted cheddar, and a sprinkling of romano.