Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Fins! Fins! Fins!

Four more quarters. Then, the magic begins.


Mr. Clio said...

See you tonight, Chef!!! Bringing Clio III and Cliette.

john kahre said...

Chef, I love dis stuff! Hey, I just stumbled on to yo' blog, and I was hoping you could answer a question. I got some tickets for a game in November in Terrace 641 up high. Can you please give me some tips for us when we're there? I know it gets pretty wild up there. We are from out of town, we ain't gonna get beat up or anything are we? :-)

dillyberto said...

Boy, was Chef in da house last night!

Could smell that cooking round the whole dome

JWD said...

Colston Custard
O'Henry Burgers served between Cafe Young Buns

Filet Simon (See-mon)
(DT Chris Simon)


Who Dat Nation

JWD said...

Tell john kahre never to say "Terrace
641" ever again. Thats WEAK STUFFFFF.

JWD said...

Virtual Menu:
We got Fried Peyton Poppers
Freeney Paninis

Lobdell Dogs
Mathis Mashed Potatoes
Pitcock Pineapple

Brees Dream Sicles
Bless Dem Boys Bread Pudding
Super Bowl Up-side down cake
Deuce Mac's Pound Cake

Take this one to the TEST KITCHEN!

Chef Who Dat said...

Damn, Jacob. Keep this up and Chef's gonna hire you away from Quizno's and give you free reign of the dessert menu.

Still working on proper response and Cafe 641 tips for John Kahre (could this be a pseudonym for John Carney hoping to work his way back into the Dome?) but you remind us of the most important one: Thou Shall Not Take the Cafe's Name in Vain.