Saturday, August 18, 2007

Solace in Theatre

Still woozie from the blow of Deuce Mac signing with McAllister's Deli over Cafe 641, Chef turns this weekend to the rejuvenating power of theatre (oh, yeah and a pre-season game with the Bengal Tenderloins).

Shine Productions sold out its premiere of "Bless Ya Boys" last night in Chalmette. After two weekends in St. Bernard, the show moves to Le Chat Noir for a seven-week run.

Chef recommends catching this one with da Yats, if only for the chance for a pre-show dinner at Rocky & Carlo's and the chance that a Chalmette staging may give a little shout out to St. Bernard's native son Fleur-D-Licious.


dillyberto said...

Sounds like a can't miss.

I'll work with Mrs. Berto and Dilly on this one.

I know there are plenty of top places to get a bloody before the play downtown.

Mr. Clio said...

This will be a critical part of our weekend of spiritual preparation for the Titans game. Look for a big announcement soon on my blog.

Most of the activities will be guys-only, but this will be a nice nod to the ladies.